September 29, 2014

Quality Time With Daddy

Poor Paisley really doesn't get to see Ryan much because of school. He is gone before she is up and home by the time she is in bed. Since Ryan came home early we went for a family walk out at Lake Elmo. I seriously can't explain how beautiful Minnesota is. I love fall and Lake Elmo was a great place to go for a walk to experience the beauty that this state has to show for the fall season. We got there kinda late so I wasn't able to take any good pics so we are going to go back for my birthday on Sunday. here are some some pics with some camera pics.

September 26, 2014

3D Ultrasound

We had our 3D Ultrasound today. Ryan and I have always thought those were kinda creepy but after receiving one with baby number two my opinion has totally changed. With Paisley we never got one because you had to pay for it and those don't come cheap. My doctor does them for free so I thought what the heck. It was so cool! It was fun getting to see what he is going to look like and from the looks of it he has my nose. His feet and hands are up by his face which probably explains why he is constantly kicking me... He probably hates the position he is in. After todays appointment I am SUPER EXCITED TO HAVE A BOY.

July 29, 2014

Goodbye Las Vegas

What better way to say goodbye to Vegas than a hot air balloon ride. I won a hot air balloon ride for 2 for volunteering for a downtown runner race. I love volunteering for those races and just like they say. They have the worlds most spoiled volunteers. When we got up in the air I got sick which sucked because i had to sit down for about 75%-80% of the ride. But that's ok, I now have one less thing to cross off my bucket list. I am so glad that Ryan and I were able to do it together. 

July 27, 2014

foodie fest

Foodie Fest was so much fun! Lots of good food and a few fun things for Paisley!

July 17, 2014


Paisley has been wanting to paint for a while now. So we took her easel behind our house and it ended up being a perfect picture moment. 

June 06, 2014

Summer Fun

Paisley loves going to Sky Zone. And Ryan and I love it too. On Fridays its only $10 and the parents get to jump for free. Its quite the workout!

June 02, 2014

Paisley Turns 3

I can't believe Paisley is 3. I'm not going to lie I was trying all I could to hold back tears. I love this stage that she is in. You can have a conversation with her. She is always saying something that just make me laugh so hard because I wonder, what in the world made her think/say that. I am very happy she is such a healthy happy little girl.