August 19, 2010

Minnesota Part 1

Last week Ryan and I went to "The Land Of 10,000 Lakes"; if I wanted to get technical there are actually 11,842 lakes over 10 acres each. P.S. I'm talking about Minnesota if you didn't know. All I really have to say is I'm packin up my bags and moving wether Ryan comes with me or not lol jk, but no it's seriously beautiful there.

It was funny when we were planning the trip we figured 5 days would be plenty of time to get out of Vegas and see Rod and Carrie and their new place of living but after being there we realized we are going to have to come back because there is just so much to see there. We had such a wonderful time, it was nice to leave all our stress and worries (not that we have many) in Vegas and get out for a few days. Sometimes you just really have to get out of town for your own sanity.

When we landed we were waiting outside for Rod and Carrie to pick us up and while we were outside I notices some purple rocks. I thought that was so pretty and different at the same time but we realized as we got closer that they weren't actually rocks they were broken pieces of glass. Not that any of you should care I just thought it was cool and here is a picture of it.

While we were in Minnesota we went to a county fair and let me tell you this is what did it for me

What is different in these picture that makes clark county fair and this fair different....
da dada daaaa....
It was so funny there was this girl wearing white pants and I was thinking to myself... why is she wearing white, by the end of the day those are going to be brown. but..... then I realized that there was no dirt around just grass lol.

While we were at the fair we watched the crash dirby, basically bumper cars for adults. It was a lot of fun but where we were sitting I was really nervous that the cars were going to come over the barrier and hit us, so I asked Ryan if I could sit on the end of the bleachers just incase I had to make a run for it.

When I was looking at the photos I realized the cars had license plate with tags on them.... Do they seriously have to registure those pieces of junk to just smash them up????

This is what they looked like before they started...

And this is what they looked like after...


So here are a few pictures of my future town.

Well since I am a Muir now I eat Japanese food thanks to Rod (Ryan's dad). Rod served his mission in Japan so I am guessing thats why they like Japanese food so much. I must say I don't think I would have ever tried any of it if it weren't for them. I LOVE edamami! Plus it's the only vegetable that Ryan will eat so we eat it a lot. The one thing that I will never eat that the Japanese has in their culture is fish.... blaaa I can't even stand the smell of it. Sometimes depending on what someone ordered I have to constantly have a piece of my food by my nose because the smell of the fish is just soooo strong that it makes me ill. Anyways on to what I was going to write about. While we were in Mineapolis we went to this little Japanese restaruant right outside downtown Mineapolis. It was so yummy I think I ate more off everyones plate than my own. I don't know what it is about me and ordering me something different but I just cant do it so I'll just try something from someone else plate and I end up loving it. We liked the place we went there twice!