October 30, 2008

The Family.....

Ryan: Well I'm obviously going to go first since I am creating and managing this thing. Let's just start out and say life is good! I'm still working at Convergys and am in the process of making some changes there. Since June, I have been working on the Directv project where I sat in my spiffy little grey/blue cubicle and answered phones all day. It by far isn't the best job out there in the world, but it's the one that I've got and it pays the bills, so I can't really complain. Starting November 3 though, I am being transfered to the AT&T U-Verse project where I will be answering phones, yet again, and doing tech support. I'm real excited for the change in work type, but I am dreading the 2 weeks of 3:30-Midnight training classes that I have to take for it. It wouldn't be half bad if I didn't have school.
I'm right now in my second semester at UVU and am pretty happy with the way things are going. I've loaded up this semester with a total of 19 credits. And let me tell y'all, NEVER take 19 credits. It's horrible!! My first class starts everyday at 7 am, which I barely crawl to in the mornings. If y'all remember or heard, high school and basically just school in general hasn't been a strong point in my life......things are different now and things are good. I'm finishing up a horrid 2 weeks of midterms right now that have consisted of 4-6 hours of sleep per night and more eggs and top ramen than any human should ever eat!
I'm a little lost right now at what to major in, mainly due to the fact that I am planning on going to Dental School in the future. After sitting with one of my counselors, I learned that I can pretty much major in anything I want to because Dental Schools don't look at your major, they focus on how well you did in the Pre-Med program. So I've declared Religious Studies with a minor in Philosophy. I'm real excited for the classes that I need to take for these once I get my generals done.
Now don't get me wrong, UVU is a great school, but I dont want to graduate from here. I've thought about transferring to BYU next fall and finishing everything up there. After sitting down with a counselor a few weeks back at BYU and looking at the classes they offer for my major, I might be changing things around yet again. BYU offers Religious Studies as a major, but it's more of a Church oriented teaching major. That's great and all, but not the path that I'm sure I want to take. One other thing is, BYU requires that you take a language before you get a degree. As y'all know from knowing me for so long and also by just reading this thing, I struggle with the English language enough, how the heck am I gonna do a second language? Serving the Lord in the South for two years probably didn't help that much either, hence all the y'all's, fixin's, and just horrible english you hear or read from me. :) One possibility that I have thought about, is taking Arabic as my language of study. It's a language and culture that really excites me and interests me.
There is plenty of time for me to decide and I'll keep y'all posted on what's happening. Rock Climbing with my roommate Christian and his fiance Rachel. Golfing like always!! Duck Creek Fishing!

The Jist of It All

Hey Guys! Welcome to the first ever blog/page about the Muir family. so let's just forget all the mumbo jumbo of blogs and what not and just jump into the family. As y'all know there a four of us. There use to be five of us, if you include the dog we once had....but that's a different story that we wont get into today. If any of y'all want some more info about that, talk to Rod! Well, take a look around and enjoy. I know it's no talking Llama, but it is a giant Indian Chief that hangs on our wall!!