February 13, 2014

Doctor Doctor Tell Me Some News.

Just wanted to say that first.

Went to the GYNO today to get my "yearly" check (I am so bad I haven't been since right before I got pregnant with Paisley). I have a new doctor and I absolutely love him. He is awesome!!!! I was talking to him about trying to get pregnant and just telling him that we aren't really having any luck.

(Back story history)
After I found out I was pregnant with Paisley I soon found out that I had ovarian cyst. I remember that day like it was yesterday. I was sitting in the Target parking lot and I called my doctor because I was having the worst pain you can imagine in my lower pelvic region. The doctor told me to go to the emergency room and get an ultrasound STAT. I had no idea what STAT meant so I started to freak out.  Also, this was the night we were going to tell my parents that they were going to be grandparents. I was a mess I went home sobbing took a bath and waited for Ryan to come home. I tried to pull myself together before my parents got there because I didn't want them to know what was going on until we knew what was happening. Well, that didn't last long I started balling and went back upstairs and while I was up there Ryan told my parents what was going on. Ryan and I went to the emergency room to get the ultrasound. omg that was horrible. I totally thought I was having a miscarriage because the ultrasound tech was so quiet and I remember her leaving the room and then someone else came back in and looked at me and then the doctor came in and told me I had ovarian cysts. He said that it shouldn't be anything to worry about and that they should just go away all on their own. Looking back at some of my old posts I had written about having that pain throughout my whole pregnancy.... fast forward to today I am still having those pains. Some days I don't feel it at all and then other days it is so painful. I think the best way to describe it is a stingray stabbing its stinger in you and shocking you.

I gave my doctor my history and he said have you heard of PCOS and I was like ya. He started to ask me some more questions and after my exam he said, " well I can't confirm it now but it sounds like you do have PCOS. Surprisingly I handled that pretty well, not sure if its because I played doctor and did some research on my symptoms and kinda already knew that was a possibility. He said I will need to do an ultrasound and some blood work to confirm it. In the next couple of weeks (trying to switch insurances so i can stop paying cash) I will go get a ultrasound and figure it all out.. There are other factors that make Ryan and I having a baby a little more difficult but Im not going to get into that. Next month the doctor is going to put me on some medication to help regulate my cycle which should make me ovulate when I should.

I am so happy that I found a doctor that I am comfortable with. I know I will get pregnant, I just hope it is sooner than later.

February 05, 2014

Paisley update

Just want to jot down some things Paisley has been doing/saying lately :)

1. She is in the "MINE" stage. If you touch anything she doesn't want you to touch she says, No, mine!"
example: She was going potty and Khloe (our dog) was next to her and she started yelling,' No KHLOE, my poo poo pa doops." lol
or another example that happened right after. Paisley got up and started to walk away from the potty and Khloe was sniffing her and she yelled," No Khloe, my bum bum." haha got to laugh. The ones I hate the most is when she is saying it with the iPad or phone or anything like that.

2. When I fake cry she says," Mommy are you ok?, don't cry." then she hugs me, pats my back and goes shhhh shhhhh shhhhhh...... so sweet

3. Loves Word World, Sophia the First, Signing Time, Mickey Mouse

4. Is such a good girl during bed time. We really have a routine down that doesn't involve me falling asleep with her.

5. Love watching Christmas Light Music Shows on the houses. Her Favorite is "This is Halloween" and "What Does a Fox Say"

6. will push the suri button on my phone and say, " call mom" hahahahahah to call MY mom.

7. She is very sensitive. She is always wanting me to play with her. And oh how I would love to play with her every minute of the day some days it's not possible. That is why one of my New Years resolutions will come in handy. I want to set certain hours of the day just for Paisley and keep my editing and blogging time more for when she is in bed or eating.

8. every time she sees something (clothing item) in a store she say," oh, that is so cute!" hahaha omg this cracks me up mainly because her voice is so stink in cute! I really need to video record her doing this.

9. Loves going to the "Play Gym" for the longest time she would freak out. I started to go to a different location and ever since then she has been great! I bribe the workers and bring them cookies and donuts ever 2 weeks. hahah so of course Paisley is now their favorite.