March 13, 2011


Well, Betsy is gone....

My lil sister is now the proud owner of my Ford Focus which means I needed to get myself a ride. Desi's parents had a 1966 Voltswagon Beetle in their garage and gave it to us! The engine needed a little love at first to get running and that was the start of all my fun! Over the past 2 weeks I have been spending every free hour in the garage gutting and restoring this beautiful vehicle to the glory that it once knew.

This Beetle originally came painted in what they call 'Alibaster' white. The interior was done in a factory red vinyl with matching carpeting. So to be true to what this vehicle was, I felt the need to restore it back to everything that it once was and not change much on it. I went with the same exterior paint and chose a red basketweave vinyl interior. The side panels are done in matching red vinyl. I upgraded the carpet to a more resiliant and higher quality than what was originally installed. The headliner is the same 'alibaster' white as it had before, except I decided to do the smooth 'crushed' top rather than the perforated. I found a replica 60's radio that I installed to add to the originality of the car. Speakers were also something that needed to be added since the car only had 2 of them in it when I got it. New running boards were also added since the old ones were rusted out, new window moldings added, dents removed, and many other things have been worked on.

This is a beautiful vehicle that has been both fun and frustrating to work on. I couldn't have done it with out Larry's help on the interior, Dustin's help on the stereo, and everyone else that has been helping me out.

We will add pictures of BEFORE AND AFTER when it is all done!!!

Nashville Update!!

After starting my journey with trying to get hired by the Nashville Metropolitan Fire Department many months ago. I finally heard back from them after the interview that I had at the beginning of January. Unfortunantly I wont be getting a call for an interview or to start the academy that begins in May. It sucks to hear that but we knew once I started this process that it was going to be a long one.

On the other hand, the email they sent me wasn't all bad news. I did however make it onto the hiring list. This list is valid for up to 3 years which means the next time that they have an academy, they will take names off of this list to fill the academy. I don't know where I am ranked on the list, but to be on it is an accomplishment I am proud of since this is the first department I have tried to be hired by and since I have made it as far as I have.

Now where to apply.....