May 16, 2012

Marking Her Territory

The other day I was letting Paisley get some air, and well apparently she got too much air because she peed all over the fireplace. The next day she did it again but upstairs. From now on if she is diaper less she will be outside. 

 cutie pootie

11 Months Old

YIKES. I can't believe next month my baby will be ONE.....

Paisley is now....
Waving goodbye
Climbing up the stairs (SCARY)
Plays peekaboo

Has two teeth 
Has an obsession with rocks and balls
Loves to be outside and playing with her dogs
Refuses to eat anything from "her" spoon, will only eat from my fork or her hands.
Loves PASTA...

This was the hardest month trying to get her pictures. I actually had to take these pictures twice because I didn't like how the first ones turned out. She wanted to be everywhere but where I was wanting her to sit. I finally gave her my lens cap to keep her in one place. 

May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

For Mother's day we went out to breakfast at Egg Works (my new favorite place). My parents had stayed the night that weekend so I was able to talk them into staying one more night so we go all go to breakfast together.

For Mother's Day Ryan and Paisley spoiled me with a new lens for my camera!!! I was super excited, I had been wanting a new lens for a while.

May 12, 2012

Shooting Range

Last month Ryan and I went to a shooting range. This was my first time at a shooting range. When we walked into the range I couldn't stop jumping.  Every time a gun was fired I got so scared I would jump. Needless to say I was not going to be the first one to shoot.  I had to get use to all of the sounds before I held a gun in my hand. When it was finally my turn, I kicked some trash. Ryan wanted me to shoot Gloria's gun (.38 Special) which he said was a gun a lot of women carry in their purse but I told Ryan I wanted to see him shoot it first so I could see how much it kicked.  After seeing him shoot it I said, "screw that, give me the 22." I did some serious damage with that .22. When we got home I showed my parents our targets and they thought my targets were Ryan's because they were so good.
So when the time comes that zombies and aliens take over the world, you can all come to my house and I'll protect you.


I have been wanting to do a yard sale FOREVER. Ryan didn't think I would make any money. The first day I made a whopping $350, on Sunday I made $100.