November 27, 2010



Well if you know all the important announcements that have taken place with Ryan and I... You know that they had not gone the way we would have liked such as:
1. Ryan and I telling his parents that he is moving to Nevada (us implying that we are getting married) with Rod leaving the restaurant, thinking that ryan was just dropping out of school.
2. Me throwing up 10 minutes before Ryan proposed to me
3. Locking our wedding clothes with the key in the trunk and being over an hour late to our own wedding.
Well you can see how important things kinda crash and burn with us. (well at least we will never forget exactly what happened and now we look back and laugh. Well, me telling Ryan that we are having a baby is another thing that we can add to our list.

Let the story begin...

I found out that I was pregnant on October 3rd. I decided that I wasn't going to tell Ryan till the following week because he was leaving in two days to fly to Tennessee to take his physical for the fire department. By the time he was getting back, I was already in California visiting Matilda and Gus. When I got home, I took Ryan down to Mandalay Bay to get a charactcher done for our Christmas Cards. Knowing that I was pregnant, I went early to ask the artist if he could draw me pregnant when I came back with Ryan. The artist agreed only under the condition that Ryan would be excited to find out. I said," of course he would be!!!"
Since Ryan hates talking to people, it was already awkward sitting there and we were minutes away from Ryan being late to work. The artists finishes the picture, turns it around with me throwing my arms in the air saying YEA!!!!!! Ryan stood up and said k lets go. So I ask Ryan," Do you get it?" and not taking a closer look he just said," Ya, let's go I'm going to be late."

Moments later I break out in tears while Ryan, completely lost of why I'm crying, tries to fix things. I tell him that I'm pregnant and learn that he only looked at the faces of the people on the picture. And out of courtesy to the artist, said yeah he got it, when really he was so focused on trying to figure out who the drawings of the people were suppose to be. In the midst of it all, I shout out, "Do you think I'd want them to draw me pregnant for fun?" Ryan being Ryan says, "well yeah."
All things put behind us, he was very excited!!

We've already had our first baby appointment and got pictures of little Raymond (that's Ryan's name for the baby that I hate) Everything looks great with the little guy. Although he does only have one arm at the time, but the other should be there by now! The next appointment is on December 6 and we will keep you all updated with all the news!!

November 25, 2010

Nashville Update!!

Remember how I went to Nashville and took the physical for the Fire Department there, well after passing that I moved on into the next phase of the selection process which was a comprehensive written exam that took 3 hours to complete. After waiting a few months to get my results back, they came in this past week. I GOT A PERFECT SCORE ON THE WRITTEN TEST and have been placed in the OUTSTANDING category within the hiring process. I have an interview with the department in January. Thanks for all the help and support guys!