December 27, 2013

Christmas Cookies

Paisley had so much fun making Christmas cookies with her Daddy. Ryan OCD didn't have as much fun. Ryan doesn't understand that a 2.5 year old isn't going to place the cutters where he wants them to go lol. 

September 18, 2013

The new me

Two and a half weeks after having Paisley I lost all of my pregnancy weight. From the issues from the delivery and things not going the ways I hoped it would I became very depressed and gained all of my weight back plus some. Talk about being even more depressed. Two years later I am finally back down to the size I was before I had Paisley. I feel better than ever. I signed up for my first half marathon. I am running the Tinker Bell Half in January with my friend Ellie. I am excited and nervous all at the same time.
just shy of 30 lbs lost
Time to go shopping :)

September 01, 2013

Our First Camping Trip

We got just about everything we need to go camping from our wedding. Four years later and we are finally putting it to good use. We had so much fun. We went up to Beaver to go see Paisley's Great Great Grandma. She had no idea who we were but that's ok I am just glad that we were able to see her. After visiting with Grandma Blackburn we went up Beaver Canyon to set up our camp sight. We had an awesome view of the lake. We got there just in time because after we got everything up it started to rain and it didn't stop till 11:30. The next morning I had breakfast of campions and roasted some smores and then before we packed up to go back home we went down by the lake.

May 06, 2013


quick update....
Paisley is at a very fun stage right now.
She loves playing with her dogs
Loves being outside
Demands to go on walks every night with the dogs (i can't complain, good exercise for me)
Knows all of her letters and their sounds.
can identify numbers 1-12
can count to 15 (we count every time we go up and down the stairs)
loves signing time. she knows so many signs but her newest signs are..... hot, cold, raccoon, skunk, kitchen, sink, cake..... and many more.
she know majority of her colors, animals identification and the sounds they make.

Hockey Game

Ryan had never been to a Hockey game before so on one of his days off we decided to go support our local hockey team. We got front row seats because everyone knows how exciting the front is.