May 10, 2011

Let The Countdown Begin






My 1st and 2nd trimester were nothing. I even told Ryan that if I hadn't taken a pregnancy test I could see my self on "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant". Well now that I am in my 3rd trimester the wheels have turned.
*I wake up at least every two hours to take a drink.
*My feet are so swollen that my skin folds over my sock line.
*And my hands swell up so much at night that when I wake up I cant close them to make a fist.
I'll be the first to admit that I am such a complainer. I'm sure Ryan is excited for this baby to pop out just so I'll shut up.
I now understand why pregnant women say, "I just want it out already"
I think the only positive thing I can say is that I still fit into my jeans!!! oh yeah! still no stretch marks or tiger stripe wahoooo

I still plan on working till the last day of school which is May 26th. I was going to put my two week notice in but instead I talked to my boss and asked to get Monday's and Fridays off so I can get things that should have been done a month or two ago DONE. Since Ryan works nights and I work days, we never have time to do things together so with having those days off it will help immensely. Like yesterday for instance....
*Ryan and I registered at the hospital
*Went to the doctor ( I now go every Monday)
*Painted the "tree" in the babies room
*got approved for our second insurance
*and started making calls to find a pediatrician (this will take a while because I am very peaky with doctors)
We still have a list of things that we need to do together so I am very grateful that my boss gave me those days off or else I would be one hot mess.

I am so excited for our baby to come! I think my biggest fear is that its going to pop out a boy....YIKES! the room is as pink as it gets. so hopefully in a couple of weeks when we get our last ultrasound we can double check to make sure there is nothing between those legs.

So next monday I am getting my maternity pictures done by Korindi. I love her photos and you get what you want for the price you want! And on May 21st I am having my baby shower!!!! it's about time, with school and work this was really the only day I could do it. Hopefully she doesn't come early because I am due two weeks later. If so, there will just be a little guest attending.

Well I better get to bed, hopefully these pains will go away. Ya thats right I have been having random pain all day. I'm trying not to worry because I think its just my ovarian cyst acting up, but who knows. If they don't go away tomorrow then I'll be calling my doctor to see what he says. See there I go complaining again.. Good night!

P.S. I LOVE LOOKING PREGNANT!!!! I feel like 32 weeks did me good! Even my little kiddos have noticed a change in me. They rub my tummy every day :)