February 27, 2012

No Wonder Why Paisley Is So Cute

Carrie (Ryan's mom) found Ryan's old I.D. Card and asked him if he wanted it. Him being the complete opposite of me said to throw it away. I told her I wanted it because I still have mine. Ryan doesn't understand why I keep this kind of stuff. But seriously... who would throw these away. Well, I guess Ryan would. Whenever I need a good laugh all I have to do is pull these out.
Ryan was so cute, myself on the other hand, well, that's another story.

February 26, 2012

The Stash Is Back

Oh no.... The STASH is back...
I HATE mustaches.
I think they look creepy. And believe it or not this is the only facial hair that his job will allow. Are you serious??? I think a goatee look much nicer than a mustache.

Ryan and his friends do this every May (Mustache May). Last year when I was getting my maternity pictures I begged him to shave it and he didn't. I told him when I went into labor we weren't leaving the house until it was off his face, and that was exactly what happened, I even recorded him shaving it.

Well, you are probably wondering why he is growing it now since it is only February. This year he wants to do the "handle bar mustache". Sometimes I'll watch him in the mirror and I will see him trying to curl the ends. YIKES! I guess I am going to have to suffer until June.

This is what Paisley thinks of his STASH. I am glad we are on the same page.

New Living Room!!!

Ryan and I have been wanting to get new couches for a couple of years now and over the President's Day weekend we went to RC Willey's to look at a 7 piece set that they had on sale. We weren't planning on buying it but it was such a good deal that we couldn't pass it up. At first I didn't like the coffee table but now I love it. The table will actually be really great for Paisley because it is padded so no sharp corners :). It looks so much better than our old sectional. Our old couch was tan, along with the walls and the carpet so it was very blaaa in there, but not anymore! Now all I need to do it put up some pictures!
And of course we had to get the dogs something new to lay on, so Ryan got this pillow bed from Costco.

February 23, 2012

Paisley's Crawling Video

Yep just like I said.... Paisley started to crawl right after I wrote that last post.

Not scared of the water

I love how much Paisley loves the bath. This gets me so excited for summer. Ryan hates to swim but I LOVE it so Paisley is now my new swimming partner.

February 22, 2012

New Blog

I have created a new blog for cloth diapering check it out. Click here --> Cloth Bottom Babies. Become a follower :).

February 19, 2012

How Do You Teach A Baby To Crawl???

When it comes to babies I really have no idea what I am doing.

Are you suppose to teach a baby to crawl or do they just magically do it? Am I suppose to get on all fours and hope she does what I do? I have been putting things in front of her just enough away that she can't reach it, hoping that she will crawl. I have also tried pushing against her feet and that failed too.

Paisley number one way of getting where she wants to be is rolling. I know she is in the stage where she should be learning how to crawl but for some reason I feel like she will either just crawl for a little bit and then start to walk or skip crawling all together and just start walking. For the past few weeks she has been standing with little support. She LOVES to stand... My friend Lindsi gave Paisley a toy that helps babies walk. Paisley loves this thing, we play with it everyday. Today she stood for about 3-5 minutes until she got really excited and fell forward, she wasn't too excited after that.

Because I worry about everything I noticed that she stands on the heels of her feet, she also rolls them out. Is that bad? I figured she is just finding her way of balancing but what do I know. The only reason why I bring this up is because on Teen Mom 2 (Yes, I watch that show) one of Leahs' twins stands like that and she wears leg braces. I know you all probably think I am crazy but I am just wondering because like I said at the beginning of this post I know nothing about babies (I have always been around kids 2+). I should probably read my baby books more often, maybe then I could answer my own questions.
Thanks for the lion Lindsi!
I am going to laugh if she starts to crawl next week.

I LOVE Taking Pictures

I took a beginner photography class a few semesters ago so I could learn how to use use my camera that Ryan and I got for our first anniversary. I am so happy I took that class because I learned A LOT and I can now take decent pictures of our family.... I can really tell the difference in my pictures lately because I have been practicing almost everyday. The hardest thing for me is shooting inside because I always want to use my flash but I hate the way it makes the picture look. Well, I now finally feel like I am comfortable with my inside shots! GO ME!

I have the best model ever! She is extremely cheap, I pay her in milk and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse :). Ever since Paisley has been sitting up all on her own it has been so much fun taking pictures of her because I don't have to hurry and snap the picture and catch her from falling over at the same time.
I know I still have a lot to learn but I am so happy that I can now shoot my camera on manual and not have to use that stupid flash!

February 16, 2012

364 Days With You Week 7 "Love Is In The Air"

Why We Cloth Diaper

When I first mentioned to Ryan that I was wanting to cloth diaper our unborn child he probably thought that it was just going to be one of my crazy ideas that I never follow through with. I'm sure he started to get really nervous when I actually started buying them...

I originally wanted to cloth diaper to save money. I was only going to cloth diaper at home and use disposables out in public. When Paisley was born I had bought seven FuzziBunz. At that time we were also using regular diapers such as Pampers and Huggies. Paisley would occasionally get a a red bottom but nothing to serious so I never thought anything of it; I would do as most mothers would do and put on some Butt Paste or Desitin and hope that it would be gone within the next day or so.

When Paisley was about three months old I started to notice that her diaper rashes were becoming more frequent and getting worse. I remember once changing her diaper and her bottom started to look as if it was starting to scab... Every time I would wipe her she would scream bloody murder. This made me feel so bad so I started to use my cloth diapers more often to see if that would make a difference, and it did. I decided to order more FuzziBunz because I was happy with those diapers and I wanted to stick with one brand (DO NOT DO THIS). Throughout the day I was keeping her in her cloth diapers and only when we would leave the house I would throw her in a disposable. When I got home I would immediately put her back in a cloth diaper to prevent any redness on her bottom. Even the smallest amount of time she was in a disposable she would start to have a reaction.

I finally came to the decision of becoming 100% cloth diapering for my new years resolution. Seeing her in pain wasn't worth it to me. I cannot even begin to tell you how happy I am with this decision to cloth diaper her.

Cloth diapering isn't for everyone, especially these days, but it never hurts to try. Look at the positives: You save a lot of money and the diapers are ten times cutter than any disposable, even the ones that look like Levi's.

February 15, 2012

You Know Your Blind When.....

I am pretty much as blind as a bat. My mom said she knew there was something wrong with my eye sight when I started to walk into parked cars and trees. So at a young age I was lucky enough to wear a pair of bright pink coke bottle glasses that magnified my eyes like you would never believe. I HATED MY GLASSES; I hated them so much I started to wear contacts in the fourth grade. I mainly started to wear them because of these three girls who would call me four eyes. Which never really made sense to me because all three of them had glasses, what IDIOTS.

Yesterday I went for my yearly eye exam. I hate going to the eye doctor because my prescription never changes so I feel like it it a waste of $100. Well, this visit was different, my vision actually did change and it wasn't for the better. Now not only do I have to wear contacts but I also have to wear glasses. My eye doctor said I need to wear glasses when I am on the computer, watching TV or reading. So it looks like I am bringing back the four eyes. Well, at least these ones won't magnify my eyes.
These are the frames I picked out. Do you like them? Speak now or forever hold your peace. I have to go back and order them when I get some money, but lucky me there is a $20 off coupon on these frames at Costco. Wahooo

February 12, 2012

365 Days With You Week 6

Sunday, February 12, 2012

These are by far the two worst Sunday pictures I have ever taken.

This past week I was given a serger sewing machine from my old neighbor in Overton! I am so excited!!!! I have been wanting to start making Paisley some cute outfits and sergers make it ten times easier. I have already made her a Valentines Day skirt, three new pairs of leggings and some homemade wipes for her cloth diaper stash!
I think my first skirt turned out pretty good considering that I had no help and no pattern.

February 09, 2012

An Untold Story

Right before our trip to Utah I "accidentally" bumped my car into the garage wall. I was so worried for Ryan to see it I was going to blame it on someone in Utah. When he saw it he already knew it was from me. I am so happy he wasn't mad at me, he must REALLY love me.

I told my friend Megan what I did prior to Ryan finding out and this was our conversation....
I didn't even notice that the orange cover fell off until I came back home and parked it. Good thing it just snapped back on.

8 Months Old

WOW! I cannot believe Paisley is 8 months old. Her birthday is right around the corner. This past month has been so much fun with her, minus the teething part. I am now 100% cloth diapering her and I love it! Since the new year I started the "365 Days With You" pictures and I plan to turn it into a flip book at the end of the year. Can't wait to see it all done!
Paisley is now....
* Very very chatty
* Loves to eat green beans and bananas
* Still teething with ZERO teeth
* Take either 3 1.5-2 hour naps or 2 3-4 hour naps
* Has signed "milk" about 5 times
* Coughs for attention or if you cough she will start to cough
* Started to rock back in fourth on her hands and knees
* Tries to sit up from laying down (almost has is mastered)
* Smiles when I take the camera out :)
* Started eating finger food (the ones that look like cheerios that dissolve in your mouth) LOVES THESE!!! If she sees the jar she freaks out till I give her some.
* OH and I almost forgot she says "dada"

I Survived!!!

I cannot believe I survived a week long trip doing 100% cloth diapers!

This past week my mom and I went to visit some family in Northern Utah and since my New Years resolution was to be 100% cloth diapering by the end of the month I felt the pressure to do it on our trip. I had so much anxiety going into the trip because this was the first time that I didn't have any disposibles with me. Yes, I could have brought some with me but I really wanted to see if I could do it; and I did!!!

I am really happy with my decision to cloth diaper and because so many of you have been asking me about cloth diapering I decided to blog more about it. I will be giving reviews on different diapers and other accessories that I have found helpful in my process. I hope this helps you and if you have any questions feel free to ask. :)

364 Days With You Week 5