April 24, 2014


transferring from my facebook to here

Paisley: want yogurt 
Me: no you have already had two
Paisley: Want three
Me: no
Paisley: how about four???

she cracks me up 

when we were eating dinner I picked my food up with my hands and she said," honey, don't play with your food." hahahahaha I had no idea where she got that from so i called my mom and sure enough my mom tells her that lol. 

Paisley keeps referring to me as "big mama". Is she trying to tell me something? 

Me: (giving her a drink)
Paisley: oh, thank you big mama

No idea where she got that from

You know how most kids have a "why?" stage... Well Paisley has a "what are you doing?" stage lol

Me: (cleaning)
Paisley : What are you doing mommy?
Me: Cleaning
Paisley: Mommy are you cleaning the table?
Me: Yes
Paisley: Mommy what are you doing?
Me: Cleaning
Paisley: Mommy you cleaning the T.V.? 
Me: Yes.
This continued with 2-3 other things that I cleaned this morning lol

Paisley just touched the "Suri" button on my phone and said, " call ryan." hahaha

April 23, 2014

More Results

Went to my doctor today to go over my ultrasound and some more blood work that I did last week. I have been diagnosed with PCOS. When my doctor brought this to my attention he made it seem like it wasn't going to be that big of a problem for getting pregnant but after this visit I cant help but to think that seeing a baby in our future is not going to be as soon as I had hoped for. I know I really need to be positive and not cause more stress on myself so I just need to get this off my chest (that is how I handle things). anyways.... He was having me track my cycle and taking ovulation tests and from those results he said that I ovulate way later than what I should (which I already knew). Because of this it makes my window of getting pregnant really small. He then went over some more blood work and he said one hormone is really high and another is really really low. The one that is really low concerns him because if I were to get pregnant I would have a high chance of miscarrying. When he said that I just lost it. One of my biggest fears is having a miscarriage and if I were to have one let alone be thousands of miles away from family and friends I don't know what I will do.  I was all by myself, at that point I really wish Ryan would have came with me. He then told me that that's not to say that I wont get pregnant just that the minute I find out I need to call his office and come in to get my blood work done again to check my hormone levels to see if I need medication to help me prevent having a miscarriage. He is also wanting me to go on a special diet. With having PCOS it is very hard to lose weight.  Losing weight helps your hormones get back to where they should be. I am sure he told me more but honestly I couldn't stop crying that it kinda just went in one ear and out the other.
I have been on Clomid for the past two months. I was really hopeful that the first cycle would work, because of how many people I have talked to that it worked on the first round. That wasn't the case for me. I really hate clomid. Everyone said watch out for all of the horrible side effects. The first month I had none and then the second month I was bitchy, saw that I was losing my patience with Paisley ( which never happens). I was constantly hot and I gained 7 pounds. The only positive part about the 7 pounds that I gained was that I had to go up a cup size :).  I mentioned to my doctor that we are moving at the end of June and he asked me if I would want to wait till after my move to continue the medication. Parts of me says no I want to be pregnant yesterday but with everything going on I think it is best for us to wait till after our big move. Also, this will give me some time to focus on making myself healthier and getting my hormone levels closer to where they should be. 
I don't want people to feel like they cant talk to me about this or me not being excited that they are pregnant or just had a baby because that is far from the truth. Honestly, it actually makes me very happy when I hear someone is pregnant or just had a new baby because that is how I would want them to feel if I were pregnant or having a baby.

April 22, 2014

Family dinner at the park

Paisley got a Tee Ball set from the Easter bunny this year so we picked up some dinner and went to the park to have some much needed family time. 
Paisley is turning into such a Daddy's Girl, I love it! I am looking forward for the 2 month break that we will have to spend time as a family. Ever since we have been married Ryan has worked night and I have worked days so we barely get to see one another. When Ryan leaves for work Paisley always says, " bye daddy, I love you, see you tomorrow." 

April 20, 2014


Paisley was so funny to watch find her Easter eggs. Every time she would find one she would shake it and then say what was in it. It was either money or jelly bellies. and then she would proceed to open it before going to find another. I told Ryan," good thing she is the only in the egg hunt, otherwise she would probably only have two eggs." I kinda went crazy and bought her a baseball kit. I wasn't really into buying her a giant chocolate bunny and a bunch of other crap that was just going to make her sick so I put that money towards something else. 

April 14, 2014

Silly Words

What paisley says.................................. What she means to say
Swim Hot.............................................. Hot Tub
Hice Scream House................................... Ice cream "store"
Tea Hot..................................................Tea Pot

April 13, 2014


Paisley had a fun time at the Clark County Fair...... or not lol. she hated the horse ride and the rides. but her and my dad had a fun bonding moment trying to catch a fish. She didn't catch on but at the end she got a fish stamp and she would show it to me and then say, " look mommy, I fought a fish!!!!"