March 31, 2012

365 Days With You Week 12

Paisley was a model today. I have been slackin on these pictures so we did four outfit changes within an hour today so the pictures would all look different lol. 

March 29, 2012

Paisley Speaks Dog


One morning while I was getting ready I put Paisley in the Luv Sac and turned on her favorite movie (Baby Einstein). She sat there the whole time. 
 Then I gave it a big fluff for her. 

March 23, 2012

My Busy Week

Paisley picked the worst week to decide she was going to wake up every two-three hours at night. I figured she was just teething because she was only fussy at night. A couple people told me I should go get her ears checked out. We had just had her 9 month well check and the doctor said they were fine but I just wanted to double check because she was acting like a crazy person all of a sudden. Paisley's doctor thinks I am crazy but that 's ok because I think he is a lot of other things that I will refrain from saying. The doctor looked at me with "the look" and said she was fine and that she just teething and has a bad case of allergies. He said if her nose starts to run continous yellow snot to call him and he would put her on an anabiotic. 

Along with allergies the doctor wanted me to go get her tested to see what she is allergic to. I have to get this done too so Paisley and I have an allergy testing appointment on next Tuesday. The doctor told me it is going to be hard because she is so strong. When he was looking up her nose and looking down her throat she was putting up such a big fight I had to hold her head against me and the doctor had to hold her arms from moving. I don't really know what to expect for the allergy testing; I know she is going to scream I just don't know how much. I'm not sure if I am going to be able to go in there, Ryan might have to do that without me. 
It was hard being away from my baby girl everyday this week but to see the smile on her face from the moment I walked through that door was worth it. Everyday when I would get home from work she would crawl over to me and just smile and giggle. I knew she missed me. Ryan was so sweet to send me pictures of her and sometimes I actually though I was glad to be at work :). 
Ryan and I are very different when it comes to what Paisley wears. If Ryan had it his way she would live in her pajamas. Myself on the other hand, loves getting her all dressed up, even if we don't leave the house (I'm sure this will change with the next child). So it wasn't much to my surprised that when I got home from work everyday this week that Paisley was still in her pj's and had food all over her face and in her hair. The day I took her to the doctor I was running a little late from work so I called Ryan and told him to put her in the car and I would just hop in and leave. Next time I am going to see what she is wearing because when I got to the doctor and opened the back door the first thing I said was, "Ryan, are you kidding me???" Ryan still had her in her pj's and she didn't have any socks on and she had food plastered all over her face. Is my husband the only one that would do this?
This was clearly a day that she spent with me haha. 
She is so stinkin cute! I am so happy to spend the weekend with her and catch up on our 365 days :) (I have been slackin).  

March 17, 2012

I just purchased my first order from a couple of months ago. It's a pretty cool website you should check it out. It is always having deals on anything from clothes to kitchenware. I bought paisley a couple of outfits and two bathing suits although one of the swimsuits didn't get shipped because they ran out. grrrrr. But because of that happening and the fact that they package took about 7 weeks to get to me they refunded my money and gave me a $10 credit, so I can't really complain. This is the swim suit I got her. I am probably going to buy her one more because we plan on getting wet a lot this summer. :)


Korindi posted another picture of Paisley the other night. I love this one! Korindi is seriously the best! You guys should check her out. Here is her website/blog

Oh The Places You Will Go

 This is what I woke up to at 6 am.
First time standing in her crib and she was PROUD.
 Then I was off to work by 7:30. 
The rest of these pictures was how Paisley and her daddy spent their day.
Looking for who knows what
 Having fun making a mess
 That looks dangerous Ryan.
 Playing hide-n-go-seek
 Ryan found Paisley
 Pulling out my summer clothes.
 Looking for trouble.
 Found trouble.
Wondering how to get outside. Good thing she hasn't figured out how to go out the dog door.... YET

March 14, 2012

Hunger Games

For the first time since my freshman year in high school I actually read a book that doesn't have to do with pregnancy or Autism. I use to hate reading. I even tried to read the Twilight series and I just couldn't get past the first page. The Hunger Games is amazing, I couldn't put the book down. Paisley's bath time went from 20-30 minutes to 45+ minutes. The night I finished the book I had a dream I was training for the games haha I woke up laughing.

I never understood people that would wait at the book store for hours waiting for the next book to be released, or the people that would go to a midnight showing and dress up as a character. But now I do, haha. I am so excited for the movie to come out, I have been counting down the days. Although, I am still not going to go to the midnight showing (that's not my think, I have a record for falling asleep in the previews). I figured Ryan and I will go when all of the teeny boppers are in school the next day.

March 13, 2012

Paisley Has A New Love

Many of you have seen the video of Paisley and her reaction the the song "You Lie" by The Band Perry. Well, she now has a new love. The other day we were watching the Today Show and Paisley was starting to get a little fussy. The new boy band "One Direction" came on the television. She then turned her head towards the T.V. and started to quiet down. I sat her on the floor and she crawled right over to get a closer look. I couldn't stop laughing so of course I took a video of it. 

One Direction
The Band Perry

Working Out SUCKS

I have been trying to lose weight for a while now and it is so hard. I lost 7 pounds and then I put it right back on, just like that. I have been really good about watching what I am putting in my mouth and I have also stepped up my exercising. I take Paisley on either a walk or a jog every night/morning with the exceptions of Mondays and Tuesdays (Ryan's days off). The other day I ran 2.10 miles without stopping (I have never done that before). Then today I took an hour spin class and only got off my bike once to fill up my water bottle. I just don't understand why it is so hard for me to lose weight. Why does it have to be so dang hard. I just want the easy way out and get lipo or something.

I use to love being in pictures (not in a vain way) and goofing around with friends and now I HATE having my picture taken and being in large groups of people. I am now the person behind the camera instead of in the pictures. I think Paisley and I only have a handful of pictures together and if she is in the picture with me it is just of our faces or I am putting her in front of my body.

Sorry, I just had to vent I guess with having a crappy day and getting sick yet again it's all just weighing on me. I'm not writing this so people can respond nice things to me. I just don't understand what else I can do. It's so frustrating.

March 11, 2012

Where Have All Of The Binkies Gone?

I can never find a binky when I need one the most and this is why. Paisley has been throwing them behind her bed. 

March 09, 2012

9 Month Sneak Peek

This past week Paisley and I went out to Overton to get her 9 month pictures done by Korindi. Korindi is really good about posting a sneak peek of the photo shoot. I literally sit by my phone/computer from the minute I leave her house refreshing my facebook waiting to see what picture she is going to post. This time there were THREE! I love the work Korindi does, she is AMAZING!
I can't wait to see the rest!

Party Naked

Paisley hates to get her diaper changed. The minute you lay her down she screams. Sometimes I have to put her diaper on while she is standing up. It's obvious who is in control in this situation :). Sometimes I let her catch some fresh air and this last time I couldn't help but to snap a picture of it.
~Cuttest Tush Ever~