December 22, 2009


Wow it's about time. I have finally learned how to add people to my friends and family list. P.S. I have gotten rid of my facebook so this is my only way of communication besides a phone which I never really have time to sit and chat.

Gingerbread Houses

Last Saturday Cam and her friend Bret came over to make Gingerbread houses. Cam was very clever and thought of the idea to use pop tarts. We hard such a fun time building our master pieces. Here are some pictures. Enjoy.

Ryan's House
Bret's House
Cam's House
Desi's House

Cougars eat Beavers for dinner

College football season has come to an end and Bowl season has just begun. Since we aren't rich enough to afford tickets to see Bama take on the Longhorns in Pasadena, or TCU get pummeled by Boise St at the Fiesta Bowl, we found ourselves a pretty sweet set of seats right here in town at the Maaco Bowl Las Vegas to see the BYU Cougars take on the Oregon State Beavers. I, Ryan, have to admit that I was a little hesitant about a possible BYU victory after the way OSU played and almost beat the Ducks, but game time will tell it all!

We got to the stadium early enough to find some great parking waaaay out in the dirt lot and got to our wonderful seats waaaaaay up in the corner end zone of the bleachers. We all bundled up because it was suppose to rain a little and be in the 40's but our great seats were positioned right in the path of the 25 mph wind and 11 degree wind chill. We were frost bitten 40 minutes before kickoff!

The game started out with a Beaver touchdown and a few disappointing BYU drives. Then the Cougars hit the grass and started to roll over OSU in the first. Half way through the second quarter we had enough and moved seats. We sadly admit that we went with our BYU gear and all and sat in the OSU section. But can ya blame us, their section was shielded from the wind by the box seats!

BYU continued to roll over OSU in a great football game! I think watching OSU have like 3 or 4 punts go less than 10 yards from the kicker was a big highlight. We had a ton of fun but froze the whole time! BYU wins 44-20

December 21, 2009

I love my side job!!!!
If anyone ever want to make something let me know I would love to help you, it's so easy. You can make a ton of stuff from BOOKS, CARDS, CALENDAR, JEWELRY, and much MORE....

Here is our Hawaii Book if you go down about 5 posts I added our wedding book too that you can check out.


Wow I dont even know what to say. I can't believe that Christmas is already here. Ryan and I got our tree the day after Thanksgiving. ummmmmm, ya, our tree died a week later (yes, i watered the tree). Because of this we only leave our lights on for 30 min. to an hour so it wont burst into flames. BUT.... I now know a trick just in case this happens next year. you can either give it sugar in the water or add 7up, or was it Sprite? hmmmm well they should both work .


Walk Now For Autism


My Pumpkin
Ryan's Pumpkin
Coco eating the pumpkin lol

I love my job so much. I work with some of the best kids.
Here are two of the kids I work with

Sad to say but this was my first Halloween not trick-or-treating:(...(Matilda and Gus moved to California) Ryan and I ended up going to a Randy Houser concert at the House of Blues. Since Ryan has the hook ups we got a table which was nice because we were able to sit, and we had our own personal waiter.
hahahah I almost forgot the best part. K so.... since we had a table we got free drinks so our lady was asking us what we wanted and Ryan's friend and his wife that were with us ordered water and and Ryan and I did the same. The look on our waiters face was priceless. She was like," ummm, you guys don't want any alcohol?" We were like," no thanks, we don't drink( keep in mine people only get tables because they have their own personal waiter and their first drink is free)." So before she left I was like actually can I have mine on the rocks. lol it was a good laugh.
So when we were walking out to our car this is what we found.

His buddies at work decided to decorate our car with the valet tabs. It was pretty funny.

Sarah's Baby Shower

I had such a good time at Sarah's baby shower. Hands down the best shower I have ever been to. Sarah is so dang cute with her belly, and every time she sits down she makes this funny noise like uhhhh hahaha that girl makes me laugh. I was very happy to see Rachel there she just left for her mission last week. I'm keeping these posts short because I have to write a couple more, so sorry. Here are some pictures.
P.S. I won a game!!!! I never win shower games.

October 09, 2009

Coo Coo for Coco

Coco is so crazy she loves exploring... When we were at my parents we were sitting in the back yard and FIRST coco was digging a hole with Khloe and this is what she looked like.
Then she found a spider web. haha


Ryan and I went to California to go see Courtney and the kids for Matilda's 5th Birthday. It's so crazy to me that she is 5 years old. I remember when I use to change her diapers. I was so happy to see them; when Gus got out of the car he kept saying, " Desi Desi Desi Desi." lol I guess he was glad to see me too. Matilda is so stinking cute, her and Ryan were BFF all day. She only wanted to sit with him on the rides (she actually started to cry because I was going to ride a ride with him, lets just say she stopped crying....... after I gave in). I think I can speak for all of us and say that the Toy Story ride in California Adventure was, hands down the best ride/game. Well here are some pictures to share.

July 19, 2009

Khloe and her favorite toy

Khloe and Ryan watching T.V. together

Shopping For Matilda's Flower Girl Dress

The BIG day is almost here. These past eight months have gone by so fast (Ryan does not feel the same way lol). Everything is done, this past weekend Ryan and I took Matilda and Gus to the mall to find Matilda's flower girl dress. She was so excited to see Ryan (she calls him my lover lol she makes me laugh every time she says that). Matilda was Ryan's big helper, she had fun picking out clothes for him.

After a 20 stores and 2 malls we finally found Matilda' s flower girl dress. She was so excited she would not take it off she even went over to the baskets and picked up one and started practicing for the ring ceremony. She insisted that her dress has flowers on it because.... of course it is a "Flower Dress" lol

May 16, 2009

Yea! SCHOOL OUT FOR SUMMER.... Well, not really, Ryan and I will be starting summer school in a couple weeks. For the time being we are finishing up the final touches for the wedding! Everything in coming together great.

Khloe is so BIG. She always has her tongue hanging out. She entertains herself very well by chasing her tail and running like CRAZY in a figure-eight for about three minutes straight. She loves the camera as you can see.