June 06, 2014

Summer Fun

Paisley loves going to Sky Zone. And Ryan and I love it too. On Fridays its only $10 and the parents get to jump for free. Its quite the workout!

June 02, 2014

Paisley Turns 3

I can't believe Paisley is 3. I'm not going to lie I was trying all I could to hold back tears. I love this stage that she is in. You can have a conversation with her. She is always saying something that just make me laugh so hard because I wonder, what in the world made her think/say that. I am very happy she is such a healthy happy little girl. 

June 01, 2014

Drive by Bug

This was my moms bug and then she gave it to us. we were having issues with it and we just couldn't afford to put any more money into it and we really needed another car. We ended up selling it and the guy that bought it works right down the street from where we live. One day my mom was with us and we were at a stop light and what do you know, there goes our old bug. I told Ryan to follow it and have him and my mom get out so I could take a picture but they were party poopers so I just got a pic of the car. I kinda wish we still had that car. :(