August 29, 2012

365 Days With You Week 27 Utah Special

4th of July/Utah Trip

This 4th of July Paisley and I spent it up in Utah with my mom and my extended family. It was a lot of fun. Utah sure does know how to celebrate our country's birthday. We sat out on my aunt's back porch and just watched all of the fire works go off in all of the surrounding towns. We also went to a 4th of July carnival where Paisley got her first tattoo. 

fishing trip

Ryan's family does a fishing trip just about every year. The last time we were on this trip was when we were engaged. I love being around Ryan's family, they are so much fun!. On the trip we went horse back riding, fishing and hiking. Paisley had a great time. I am looking forward to the next trip!
Rod caught two fish at once
This is how I caught a fish
The Big Fish Award Goes To....... RYAN
Ryan won the BIG fish award.
DIVA hands
LOVE this picture