January 12, 2014


 I was kinda on the fence about going to the circus You always hear stories about how circus animals are abused and what not. When we walked into the arena you were able to go to the ground floor and ride the ponies, camels and the elephants. I love elephants so went over to their area first. We didn't ride any of the animals so we just watched them going around in circles. Im not going to lie it was so sad. The elephants look into your eyes and you feel like they are trying to tell you something. One looked really old. She was moving at a much slower pace than the other three. I wanted to set her free. We were all told to take our seats. We sat right in the middle because we wanted to see everything. I was happy that they didn't use the animals as much as I was expecting them too. There were more people acts and then animals acts here and there. The thing that kinda really mad me feel the way I feel about the circus now, was the dog act. It was so much fun and so cute. They were all wagging their tails and you could tail they were having fun until one of the dogs missed the jump and his tail went straight under his legs and his head went down. To me that means that he felt that he was going to be hit for not making the jump. I would just really hope that non of those animals were treated unfairly. I think circuses are fun and I know Paisley loved it especially the part when the morticycles came out and were doing all sorts of crazy jumps. But as for me that will probably be my last time going to the circus. Ok I lied now going back and looking at photos I forgot that Paisley rode the Pony when it was over. She hated it, which I was kinda shocked because she loves horses.

January 08, 2014


Today was my first day back at the gym in two weeks. I was sick and then it was Christmas and then I was sick again, so today I finally went back. I was doing so good with working out; I was working out 4-6 times a week. I am really wanting to get back into that routine. So this morning I scheduled an appointment with my personal trainer and guess what happened...... I FAINTED... like totally passed out. I was so embarrassed. Last thing I remember was saying I need to take a break I feel like I am going to pass out. Then I was leaning against my machine and last thing I knew I was on the floor and I heard my trainer saying something. When I realized what happened I was like," OMG did I just pass out?" Oh ya then on my car ride home I threw up.... YUCK... All I have to say to that is I hope I lost some weight haha. OMG seriously so embarrassing. 

Happy New Year!!!

Started my new year off hiking with some friends. We had so much fun. The weather this winter has seriously been so beautiful. These are the type of things that I know I am really going to miss when we move. We hiked the 6 tunnels by Lake Mead. Well I guess we only hiked 4. We had to turn back because I thought my dogs were going to die. When we got home we all took a BIG NAP :)

New Years Resolutions
1. Fold the laundry when it gets out of the dryer
2. Write down a day to day schedule (gym, work, play time with Paisley etc)
3. Learn how to take videos with my camera
4. Finish 2012, 2013 family yearbook and Paisley 365 days with you quotes lol i know i am bad
5. BLOG BLOG BLOG and don't get behind.....