July 19, 2009

Khloe and her favorite toy

Khloe and Ryan watching T.V. together

Shopping For Matilda's Flower Girl Dress

The BIG day is almost here. These past eight months have gone by so fast (Ryan does not feel the same way lol). Everything is done, this past weekend Ryan and I took Matilda and Gus to the mall to find Matilda's flower girl dress. She was so excited to see Ryan (she calls him my lover lol she makes me laugh every time she says that). Matilda was Ryan's big helper, she had fun picking out clothes for him.

After a 20 stores and 2 malls we finally found Matilda' s flower girl dress. She was so excited she would not take it off she even went over to the baskets and picked up one and started practicing for the ring ceremony. She insisted that her dress has flowers on it because.... of course it is a "Flower Dress" lol