September 22, 2011

Napping :)

I am so happy the whole day today Paisley never once fought her naps and also took all three naps in her crib. The past month her naps have been so weird. First I was having to rock her to sleep or put her in the moby wrap. Then she was wanting to be swaddled and napping in her swing. Then she started falling asleep on her play mat. During all of those time she was only taking 20-40 minute naps and sometimes only two a day. Thankfully, today she took three two hour naps in her crib (where I want her to nap), and the best part I laid her in her crib while she was awake and she just fell asleep. She didn't even cry, I am so happy I was able to get SO much stuff done today, I hope this is how it is going to stay.

Paisley And Her Daddy

Paisley loves her daddy so much. We went to Overton for a week, when we came home Ryan took her out of the car seat and she was so excited to see him. She kept kicking and smiling it was so cute. It's crazy how babies know strangers verses family members.

September 18, 2011

I have been really bad at posting our Sunday pictures. I figure that Sunday would be the easiest day to remember because that is the only day that we all look picture worthy, and when I say ALL I mean ME. I never get ready unless I am leaving the house and even then I don't do anything special. Sometimes I even leave with my hair still wet. I told Ryan that he should nominate me to go on "What Not To Wear" so you all should nominate me too because I need help with dressing myself and doing my hair. Anyways.... Well the reason why we haven't been taking that many Sunday pictures is because I was out of town for a couple of weeks. This past Sunday I remembered to take a picture but we had to take it really fast so Ryan could leave for work which is why it doesn't look like the normal Sunday pictures I like to take.

September 12, 2011

Fat Fingers :(

I hate that my fingers are still morbidly obese. I was having good progress when I was finally able to get my rings over my fat knuckle but it's so tight that my finger was gasping for air. I am finally realizing that my finger isn't going to get any skinnier, so I think I am just going to have to get them re-sized.
It's too pretty to leave sitting in a box

September 09, 2011

Visiting Kathy

We went up to go see Kathy's headstone. It was beautiful. The view where she is buried at is breath taking, you can see the whole valley.

My BIG little Brother

My younger brother is so tall. I should have gotten the height in the family I was the one that played all the sports... Anyways...I asked Austin to burp Paisley for me and when I came back to check on them I was laughing so hard because he was patting her back so softly I doubt he could have hurt an ant. hahah it still makes me laugh. Him and my dad are so scared of Paisley I have to force them to hold her.

Bath Time With Grandma Patty

My mom was getting Paisley ready for her bath and I heard her crackin up and this was why. The look on Paisley's face is Priceless.

iPhone Photos

Leggins I Made Her
Going For A Ride
Khloe So Badly Wanting Her Binki
So Happy
It Looks Like She Is Sitting Up But She Is Actually Falling Over
Khloe Missing Paisley
She Found Her Thumb
Tummy Time
Paisley And Her Boyfriend Max
Wanna Fight
So Sad
Coco And Paisley

Fantasy Football

Every year Ryan and a group of buddies do their fantasy football league. This year Ryan bought a trophy for the winner and I must say that it's pretty cool. On the two sides there are nameplates, six on each side. Whoever wins that year gets to have their name and year they won engraved in it and they also get to keep the trophy till the next year. Then they pass it on to the next winner and so on and so on.... Since Ryan bought it we are keeping it till the end of the season till it moves on to its new home, but of course we are hoping it stays put. We decided to put it above the fire place next to our family picture and Jesus. Maybe with it sitting up there it will bring him some luck.

3 Months Old.... Say It Ain't So

3 Months Old
You may think she is sweet in innocent until.....
She gets MAD
We still love her even with her temper

I cannot believe Paisley is 3 months old already. She is a happy baby, but boy she sure does have a temper. She is doing about the same as last month but with some differences

  • still sleeping through the night but is now going to bed at 8 :)
  • still hates tummy time. We are now practicing it more on the bed or with her boppy.
  • Discovered her thumb YIKES... When she puts her thumb in her mouth I put her binki in and she shoots it out to put her thumb right back in. I guess I wont win this one.
  • Wiggles like crazy. I'll lay her on her play mat and 5 minutes later she's off it or turned the other way.
  • I have a feeling she is teething. I could be wrong but she has all the sings.
Drooling like CRAZY, always wanting something in her mouth, Cranky, as feels warm (not a temper but warmer than usual).
But like I said I could be wrong and just a have a drooling baby with a sassy attitude :)

  • Paisley loves the TV good thing I do too. We watch The Real Housewives, Teen Mom, The Kardashians, Toddlers and Tiaras and of course Jersey Shore before you know it she will be fist pumpin. (Don't judge me, I really don't know why I watch this show because I think they are all idiots). Paisley's favorite thing to watch is "Rio". This movie is so cute, you should all buy it.
  • She can roll from her back to her side, almost to her belly
  • She is finally out of her new born clothes .
  • Still in size one diapers
  • Has a Masters in blowing bubbles
  • And last but not least hates it when I put a bow on her head. I don't get it, I have put a bow on her head every day since she was born, you would think she would be use to it by now.
The Best part of her being 3 months old is her 3 month old PICTURES.... here is a sneak peak by Korindi. She is AMAZING! I can't wait to see the rest of them.