April 30, 2010


OK, I never thought in a million years I would ever say this.... ok here it goes. I LOVE GOLF. Yes, I do suck but it is actually pretty fun. My favorite part is smackin the crap out of the ball when you tee off. This past Sunday ooops I mean saturday ;) Ryan and I went golfing with his two friends Chad and Jason. It's funny to watch Ryan golf because if he is playing bad he gets really mad and I am the complete opposite (I think playing sports for moapa valley high school helps me and my sportsmanship when it comes to losing). N-E ways I have my own way of golfing and here it is.
1. I only use a #5 driver and # 4 digger-outer( I forget what they are called) and a putter.
2. As long as I'm not on "the green" or a sand trap I always tee up.
3. When you get to where you have to hit it over the water I just walk up to it and throw it over (whats the point in losing a ball).
4. If no one is looking take and extra swing and like like you never did.
and last but not least ALWAYS lie on what your score was.

Look at that form :) lol oh ya I almost forgot, the boys made fun of me because i was wearing ballet flats. I told them that I golf in style.

April 18, 2010


Goodbye COBALT
Hello Edge

So while I was getting my oil changed Ryan test drove this Ford Edge to me. I was a little confused, so I asked," is this for me :)" I told him to stop my oil change(they hadn't pulled my car in yet)because I wasn't going to pay for an oil change if we were going to get a new car. So I test drove it back to the dealership. And basically we brought it after that lol. I LOVE IT!!! I wasn't too in love with the color but beggars can't be choosers, right? Although, with driving it more and more the color is going on me. It gives it personality :)

Diaper Cake

My friend Monique was having her baby shower, so I made a diaper cake! This one was by far better than the one I made for Sarah's baby shower. But.... thanks to Sarah's mom Shelly she told me her trick on how to make it look really cute. THANKS SHELLY!!!! I had fun making this but man does it take time.


Ryan and I played mom and dad for the week of the fair. We had so much fun with Matilda and Gus. One of the best parts was when we were playing games. We were playing darts (pop the balloon). Gus did great Matilda on the other hand..... lol she wouldn't give up till we heard that POP!!!!

April 05, 2010

Coming Soon...

If you know me, you know that I love to cook. Lately Des and I have been experimenting with some new recipes for our dinners and have had some great success. The best meal so far was last week when we had the missionaries over. Thanks to our wonderful crock pot and a 3 hour cook time, we sat down to a meal called "Cola Chicken". Tonight's concoction, "Chinese Pepper Steak". I am planning on putting together a recipe book of main dishes here very soon. I obviously have to test them out first to make sure they are worth re-making so it is taking some time. Once I have everything put together and start to approach completion of the book, I'll let you know the cost of it. I love getting new recipes to try out and alter in some way or another to make them different and original so please pass any good ones along.


So I went through with my "fat kid diet" for 3 and a half weeks. After all that food and all the protein and weight gainer shakes, I lost 4 whole pounds! And now since I've stopped the diet, I've gained one of those pounds back! Crazy, I know!