November 26, 2011

Do We Look Alike?

So the joke with a couple of my friends is that I got myself pregnant because they say Paisley looks just like me. What do you think?

Naughty Dogs

I have the smartest dumbest dogs alive. Many of you know that Coco recently ate my blue tooth that Ryan bough me for my birthday. When I found her with it she was in her cage. This is what she does when she has something she shouldn't. Now on every time Coco isn't in my sight I know she is most likely doing something she shouldn't be doing. Last night I went to look for her in her cage and sure enough she was chewing on an attachment to Paisleys booger-sucker-upper. She quickly ran out of her cage and into Khloe's cage. And in there I found this.
I was looking all over for this yesterday. Khloe took the container of dog food in her cage to try and eat more food. I recently put my dogs on a diet because they are getting way too fat, specifically Coco (the vet said she gained 4 pounds). So now Coco's bad habits are running off of Khloe because I have never seen her do this. Those crazy dogs.

Determined To Get A Good Picture

Trying to get these pictures was kinda like pulling teeth. Ryan was trying to get P. to smile but by the time he looked at the camera she wasn't smiling anymore. So I told him to just look at the camera and smile and I would do the rest. Well, I guess he wasn't listening because he was watching the television. I'm pretty sure I took about 10 pictures till I finally got one I liked.

Gobble Gobble

Ryan was lucky enough to get Thanksgiving off this year, so we ended up going to my parents. I would much rather do my traveling at night so we left when Ryan got off work on Wednesday which was 1 am. Ryan said he was fine to drive but as soon as we got outside of Vegas I could tell he was getting tired so we switched. I sang the whole way home to keep me awake. We rolled into Overton about 3 am. We were both so tired all we were wanting to do was sneak in and go to bed. Well, my mom didn't think we were going to be coming out so late so she locked the door. When I knocked on the door my brothers dogs started barking; right then I knew this was going to be a crazy night. SO, Tyler and his wife and two dogs were in my old room and my parents were in their room. My parents ended up going out to the toy hauler and sleeping out there so Ryan, Paisley and I could have their room with our crazy dogs. Dodger (Tyler's dog) and Khloe are so much alike every little sound they hear they start going crazy. So basically all night it was either Dodger or Khloe barking at each other across the house or Coco whining in her cage (Ryan put her in the cage because she wouldn't sit down). Needless to say I got the worst sleep in my life.

I decided to make Paisley a Thanksgiving day outfit. I was almost done sewing around the turkey's body then SNAP... my needle broke :( I was so mad because I only had about an inch left. I ended up finishing it at my mom's house Thanksgiving day. It's not perfect but I still think it looks pretty good. I cant wait to make her one for Christmas!

We were suppose to stay the night again and leave early the next day but we had an idea of how the night was going to go we decided to leave that night. Which I am so glad we did because I don't think I could have had another sleepless night.

November 07, 2011

Sunday November 6, 2011

P.'s face cracks me up in this one.
This one too.

Since this weeks family picture was so bad, I decided to share two. We look good right?
Poor Ryan is passing another kidney stone. About 7 months ago he had to have a lithotripsy(definition at bottom of page). He had FOUR kidney stones for about 3-4 months, YIKES. Some people compare passing a kidney stone to giving birth, well I don't know about you but I think it would hurt for a guy to give birth down there. I bet if he changed his diet he wouldn't have this problem. I am taking him to a doctor where there are going to do a more natural approach to heal him by doing a muscle test. I couldn't even believe that Ryan agreed to do this, to make sure I heard him right I had to ask him twice. Ryan and I are very different when it comes to our bodies, for instance Ryan would rather take a pill to get rid of a headache where I would just drink more water. If I can get Ryan to go to one of my doctors who knows what I can do next... maybe I can get him to eat a salad. Now THAT would be something to blog about :)

A treatment, typically using ultrasound shock waves, by which a kidney stone or other calculus is broken into small particles that can...

November 03, 2011

Healthy vs. Unhealthy

Ryan's food shopping
My food shopping
Can someone please tell me why he is 10 times skinnier than me??? The only healthy thing he has right there is eggs

I had to make him his own food cabinet so I wouldn't be tempted to eat his crap. And let me tell ya... it is working. Out of sight, out of mind.
The first thing I did when we got home from California was put all of the Halloween candy in a bag for Ryan to take to work.

November 02, 2011


Wahoooo I LOVE HALLOWEEN! This year was so much fun! We drove down to Corona Del Mar to go trick-or-treating with Gus and Matilda. It was really nice to get out of town and go see Court and the kids. This was P.'s first BIG trip and I must say I think she did great! Courtney and the kids live about a football field or two from the beach! We walked down to the beach every day we were there. Must be nice to live so close to the beach.
Ryan was Mr. Popular. Everyone that passed us was like.... Oh, WOW! look there's Gumby. Only a couple said look there's Waldo. I feel like people seriously thought I dressed like that on purpose.
Gus so badly wanted to be an angry bird but the costumes were all sold out, so Court bought a sun costume and transformed it into the yellow angry bird. Doesn't it look great!
I have to pat myself on the back because I made P.'s costume the night before Halloween. I wanted her to be something else but I couldn't let myself spend $50 on something she was only going to wear for a night. That chicken costume only cost $7 to make!
BBQing before we went trick or treating. This view to die for? The sunset was beautiful

We also went to the Santa Monica Pier; this was my first time going there. It was beautiful!


This past month there has been HUGE changes with Paisley.
She is now.....
* Sitting up for about a good 30-45 seconds before tipping over
* Rolling from tummy to back and back to tummy
* Eating rice cereal and LOVES IT!!!
* Jumping in her Jumper
* Grabbing for her toys
* taking very long naps since I have darkened her room. They are now anywhere from 2-4.5 hours three times a day