February 16, 2013

Watching Super Nanny Paid Off

When I put Paisley in her big girl bed I was giving her milk to help her go down more easily which such a big transition. Tonight I stopped the milk and went back to water. I had a feeling it wasn't going to go over well. Paisley kept trying to get out of her bed to sit with me in the loft. The first time she got out she came into the loft and said," HI!" as if it was her first time seeing me in the morning. I told her," Paisley, it's time for bed, you need to be a big girl and go to sleep by yourself." The second time she got out she opened the door and said Hi! in an even more cheerful voice than before. This time I didn't say anything to her and just laid her down. I would leave her room and sit by the computer watching her on the monitor waiting for the door to open and to hear her squeaky little voice say "HI!" again. The next time she opened the door and I was watching her reflection on the computer screen and it looked as if she was debating on going out or not; I was trying so hard not to laugh. She of course came out and said HI! once again. This happened over and over again. It was so hard not to laugh or talk to her but I knew I had to stick with it. After about three more attempts of coming out she stopped saying hi and just went straight for her toys thinking I wouldn't notice. Ya, sorry Paisley, but I see you.... and back to her bed she went. After about 12-15 attempts, she gave up. I am so glad it didn't last 3 hours like some of those families on Super Nanny. I need to remember these good time more than the bad. She really is a good baby toddler.