December 15, 2008

A Day We Will Always Remember

Let's start with a little info on the planning behind this day....
About a month ago, Desi and I were in Murray at a ring store looking to see what we could find. If you've ever gone into a ring store, and most of you have, you know that there are a lot of choices there! Desi started to look at the rings in the first case which was by Jeff Cooper Designs. The second ring that she found was amazing, and was the one that really caught her eye. It looked so good and we got it out of the case to hold onto as we went across the rest of the store. Let me just say that nothing compared to this ring! Everything else that we saw looked good, but was basically pathetic compared to this Jeff Cooper design. So we both agreed on this ring and decided to start looking at diamonds to put into it. Just watching Desi was confirmation enough that this was the ring that we had to get. Let me tell you, this ring did something to Desi....everytime she saw it, she would get lost in it and couldn't keep her eyes off of it. I knew that this was the ring that I needed to get. We left the store and went on with our day.
As the next couple of weeks went on, Desi and I went to a few rings stores by ourselves to see what we could find and then a few when we were together at Thanksgiving. Choices, choices, choices!!! While talking to Desi everyday after she went to different stores in Vegas, she started to find a few rings that she liked. Then the day came when she went inside T-Bird Jewels and saw the Jeff Cooper ring she fell in love with in Utah. Little did she know, I had just emailed the store to get some information about the ring. Well, I had plans! I had been talking to her mom planning a time to meet her dad and go into Vegas to buy the ring. I drove down after school on Friday, meet her dad and spent some time with her parents that evening and then woke up Saturday morning, bought the ring, and went right back to Provo. And the great part about this whole thing is that Desi thought I was working overtime for a little extra cash. When Monday rolled around, I dropped off the ring to get sized and to also have the diamond I bought placed in it and have it ready by Friday.
As a few of you know, I had gone through plan after plan trying to think of how to propose to the girl that I am going to spend my life with. With the help of my parents, the idea was finalized to propose at Apple Hill California where we were going to be Friday night.
If none of you have been before, you should go. It's a great place to visit. Apple Hill is an area in the California foothills of the Sierra Nevada's where there are acres upon acres of apple farms. Each farm has it's own barn and shops and what not but there was one farm that had the perfect location where I wanted to ask.

We get to High Hill Ranch and start to walk around the pond that they have there and make our way over to the picnic tables on the edge of the hill that has a great view. While being extremely nervous and unbelievably excited all at the same time, we started to talk and look through pictures on one of the benches. When the moment came, I pulled the box out of my back pocket and made my way to one knee. Looked up at Desi and asked her if she would marry me. Before she took off the bow that was tied to the box to look at the ring, she started to cry a little and said Yes!!!! I placed the Jeff Cooper ring that she loved from the start on her hand and held the one that I love. It was an amazing moment and it couldn't have gone more perfectly.
I love you Desi Keep your Calendars Open for July 31, 2009 and August 1, 2009!!

You can thank my mom and sister for the pictures. They snuck around the farm, behind trees and peeked through fences to take these, thank you!

December 09, 2008

Lemon Heads

I'm pretty sure this is Ryan's grandma's favorite story so far.... The weekend that Ryan and Camryn came down to Vegas we went out to lunch and I double dared Ryan to suck on a lemon! Ya. I'm pretty sure we all got our work out from laughing at his facial expression. Well I guess if you want Ryan to do something all you have to do is double dare him.

Oh ya. Did I mention that I got him to do it twice. Well at least this time he wasn't doing it by himself.

Yea! I found out how to work the blog lol. Well hi everyone it's me Desi. I thought I would get on here and tell you about the last date Ryan and I went on.

Well as you all know we are doing the long distance relationship right now which sucks but luckily we have seen each other just about every weekend since the beginning of October which is great. And Yea! He is moving to Vegas on Christmas weekend.

Well last month I came up to Utah and it was Ryan's turn to plan our day together. Man..... did he do a good job. Well to start the day we took my mom out to breakfast so she could meet Ryan! We went to Sill's in Layton. Sill's is a family restaurant where my mom, aunts, cousins and myself go every time we are up there to get "scones". I was so excited to take Ryan there because he said he has never had a scone before. Well, he ended up getting pancakes and the waitress tried to talk him out of getting a full stack and just a half because they were so BIG. Ryan said he could eat it and well.... he didn't lol. They were HUGE. So we packed them up for to go! After that we were off to Salt Lake.

First we went to dinner at the Melting Pot (if you haven't been there you need to go. It's really yummy!) Ryan's best friend Arden and his date joined us at Dinner. The four of us had a great time. After dinner we all walked to the Energy Solution Arena, where we met up with Ryan's roommate Christian and his wife to be Rachel. I was so excited to be there, we were there to see COLDPLAY!!! OMG they are amazing live! I recommend seeing them in concert.

Overall it was a great weekend!

December 01, 2008

An Announcement Unlike Any Other

This past Thanksgiving weekend brought a great time to see family but also a special announcement for Desi and I. We planned to announce our plans for marriage! Well gather around children and let me tell you a story.......
Desi and I have been planning on telling my parents together, instead of me just telling them. Our plan was to take them out to dinner or ice cream and casually lead into the conversation. Olive Garden ended up being the location for the grand announcement! We had planned on me telling them and agreed that we should talk about me moving to Vegas first before talking about our plans for marriage. Well, this is what happened. After we sit down, we wait for that moment of silence where I can jump in and start talking, but it just wouldn't come. Then it happens, the perfect moment of silence to bring it all up. I start to talk about how I am going to move to Vegas right after Christmas and how I have a job lined up and everything. It started out great, I had a huge smile on my face and Desi's hand holding mine. All of that changes....the more I say, the more the mood changes. Dad gets quiet, my smile fades, dad gets mad, my smile disappears. Grandma starts to look uncomfortable and mom is just as quiet as the rest of us. We start to choke are food down as little comments are made in awkwardness until eventually dad just leaves the restaurant. I cant even begin to explain how I felt at that moment of an announcement so important to Desi and I and then to have everything crash and burn in our faces. And then to look over and see Desi, the girl I love, in tears as we sit there in the booth was well, absolutely crushing. Mom asks if there was anything else to announce and we tell her that we are planning on getting married. After mom goes out to try and calm dad down and get him back in the restaurant, I go out also. The way it all came out, made it sound that I was leaving school to move to Vegas and be close to Desi. We thought it would have been a little more obvious that we were getting married but I guess we thought wrong. After taking a minute to talk to dad and clear things up, a hug and some tears of excitement filled all our eyes. Then grandma and Desi came out of the Olive Garden and we had a big group hug as the excitement built more and more!! We went home and told the rest of the relatives and spread our excitement. This news has spread like a wildfire as Grandpa has made calls and told everyone before I could of the news. An official engagement will come soon and I will keep you all updated.